Director's Message

Er. Atul Goyal


B.E, M.B.A

Ongoing training and development of your skills is an important condition for continuous development and expansion of your technological and professional know- how. With this belief 'SIAT' came into existence with aim to establish of its own kind training centre with World class lab facilities and training methodologies.

World's Industrial and IT sector Scenario is changing very fast ; the process, technical adaptability, working platforms(IT) , need of knowledge (in every sector) latest technical and non-technical software requirements implementing now-a-days in big and small corporates/companies are to reduce downtime, increasing productivity upto many times with minimum input resources thus attaining efficiency to best level possible. As industries are upgrading their process/technology/software, the demand of such trained candidate will increase ! We here at 'SIAT' are committed to upgrade ourselves as per the latest trends of technologies implemented by any industries(IT, NON-IT, Automation). We will add on our lab facilities consistently to fulfill the such industrial requirement.

Since year 2018 we are caring the dreams of our students and assisting them to fulfil their dreams. Our Quality education helped us to get Certification of ISO 9001:2015 . We are now ISO 9000:2015 and MSME (Govt. of India) registered institute. Due to our hardship and Quality in Training we won two AWARDS in very short time, one is “Best Training and Skill development Institute of the Year “ and other “Most Popular IT and Industrial Automation Training institute of the Year “. We hope each of 'SIAT' student will be satisfied with what they will achieved as their knowledge upgrades to make their dream career in any industries of their interest.

our feedback keeps very important values for us , so please don't hesitate anytime to interact with us about any point you feel where we are lagging or needs improvement.

We wish you All the Success in life. May you achieve the best what you desires most as a career in Automation.